Friday, August 27, 2010

Budget Decorating!

I’m back on track .... the budget decorating track, that is.  Seems like a perfect topic for today!
As you might recall -- a few Friday Note’s back, I intended to dedicate the whole month to this topic ... but then ... company came, I decided to have a sale, and as usual other business got in the way.  Now I’m back to thinking about budget decorating, so here we go!
We’ve got ourselves a housing crisis, reports on a double dip recession and a lot of gloom and doom every time we tune in to the news.
But wait ... what’s that? ... do I hear cheerful noises in the back ground??  What is this? 
Why, that’s the sound of refinishers, re-users, and do-it-your-selfers;  paint brushes splashing, creative minds spinning and people having fun as they go about their business of making something out of nothing.   Seems that buying old used nothings and turning them into kitschy new somethings is a new favorite past time!
Here is some homework for you.  Go to my new favorite web-site ...
Type “before and after” into the search box and be inspired!
After that, I would like for you to pack up all your inspiration and drive it to Echo where we’ll help you find the perfect clever nothing to transform!
Here is what Duncan decided to work on ...

He is hoping to take THIS (photo one)  .. Bang out the dents, add some paint and a hard hat and turn it into ...  THIS (photo two)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sandi Henderson Pillows!

Does anyone remember the drafting table I had in my shop for a brief stay?   
I am pleased to report .... it found a job!  In my opinion, probably the best job a drafting table could hope for in our dear city.  
It’s not working out difficult mathematical angles and formulas in an engineer or architects office ... The job it landed is more delicate than that.  It’s not just sitting around looking pretty, paying bills in a home office ... its’ job is much more involved than that.
What is it, what is it ????
Well ... my drafting table now works in the studio of Missoula fabric designer Sandi Henderson.  Click on the link below and treat yourself to a viewing of her Farmers Market collection inspired by our very own farmers market of course!
Incidentally, my shop has found itself sprinkled with a few of her “sample” pillows!  Pillows that she makes up to showcase some of her fun fabrics.  
This Saturday, treat yourself to a trip to the Farmers Market for inspiration, a trip to Selvage Studio where you can find her fabric, and a trip to my shop to see her cute pillows!
Happy shopping!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Oh no ... Just when I was all lined out and ready to spend my Friday Note month discussing decorating on a budget, we got the phone call ...
Companies coming!!
Just like that, everything changed.  My little nine month old second cousin is coming and it’s been a LONG, LONG time since we’ve had a baby run through our family for a visit at the folks’ house!
       Costco baby food -- check --- wait a second, no baby food at Costco.
       Walmart baby food, --- check
       Photo album ready -- check
       Film --- check
       Crib --- no --- wait --- I’ll bring one from the shop --- check
       Car seat --- no --- her mom will probably have one.
       Baby sun block ---check
       Baby mosquito block --- hummm -- do they make such a thing?? We’ll check
On and on the list goes, but when it came right down to it ... our little visitor was actually quite self reliant and well prepared for her journey.
Today, Molly came to Echo to do a little souvenir shopping.  She was searching for something small, something local and something that matched her pretty sunflower dress.  Low and behold --- the sunflower lamp was perfect!
The lesson in this Friday Note:
This is the time of year that plans often run amuck, but one thing you can count on - souvenirs at Echo!  Put me on your check list as a must do with your guests!