Friday, June 21, 2013

Oh Fork!

Oh Fork ! 

Oops ... excuse me.  I’m just obsessing over my new obsession ... vintage silverware.  It started with a complete set in a fetching box that jumped into my cart when I was shopping in Helena.  Thus began the hunt!  

My thinking is to start collecting single pieces of different patterns, then mix and match them up to the point where they can all co-exist on a table.  Easier said than done.   It appears there IS a science to creating multi-pattern sets that complement each other.  I am narrowing the field to florals and needlepoints to see if they can mind their table manners, then I will add new patterns one by one.  

Anyway ... if you have any strays that sprouted in your silverware drawer ... consider adding to my cause!

Lets hope for a warm and natural Summer Solstice - and a delicious Strawberry Moon.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Boxes for all occasions!

Is it just me ... or does everyone think boxes are fun?  Not just fun ... necessary.   

I mean ...  boxes, canisters, trunks ... what could be a more perfect member of the furniture family when it comes to style and functionality.  Here are five ways to put these simple pieces to work.

Use big boxes AS furniture.  Coffee tables, end tables, benches and chairs. 

In the bathroom - open top crates and tins are perfect for storing and organizing bottles.

Hang vintage glass front medicine cabinets (essentially they are boxes too) on the wall and display pretty things inside. 

One lady bought a box for a seven year old boy who was making a transition to come live with them.   He needed a special place to put his treasures.  She welcomed him with a box!

And as for me .... when my son moved into his own apartment, I carefully selected a favorite box from my shop.   I placed a little heart rock inside and  inconspicuously planted the box on a shelf in his apartment.   Now I feel like there is a little piece of me hiding in the corner watching over him, while he feels that he has a cool place to hide his, ummm ... well ... let’s just leave it at that.   We all win!

Today ... buy a box!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Fresh New Year ... Fresh New Ideas!

Welcome to our fresh, new year!

I love this time of year .... 

Out with the old, stale, un-met goals, in with the new opportunities! 
Out with the old crispy, crunchy christmas trees and cookies, in with the hope of a new found love of vegetables!

In with new colors, inspirations and of course ... new ideas!  I’ve got a few enterprising new ideas of my own that I’m going to be experimenting with this year.  

For starters, during the month of January, I am going to abbreviate my hours.   I’ll be open the usual 10:00 - 5:00 but my days will be Thursday through Saturday.  It takes time to find interesting stuff for all my discriminating shoppers, so I am going hunting!!   Four days a week ... nothing but furniture hunting.  No good times will be had by all (or any) this is work ... I promise!

Also, I’m working on a new concept to bring into my shop which will take some good solid thinking time, so stay tuned, and when I get all the bugs worked out, be ready to be dazzled!

Until then, create a little room in your life for the hope and joy our new year promises to bring! 

By the way ... I just brought in four truck loads of lovable new - old stuff to help you ring in your 2013.  Here is a shot of my shop as all the new pieces are being welcomed and acclimated to their new environment!