Friday, November 11, 2011

Bits and Pieces and Random Updates

Okay, okay, okay ....   NOW!

NOW we can start to make our lists and begin to start thinking about the holidays ...

Duncan and I decided that this years “biggest shopping day of the year” drawing give away is going to be a lamp!  Surprise!!!   We’ve been working to customize this one, but it still needs a little something.  We keep applying coats and coats of red paint, and eventually it will look just great!

Our “40% off small stuff to make room for fall stuff” sale continues - but it can’t go on forever.  Fall is almost over - so technically, it is our Fall vendibles that should be wrapping up to make room for holiday fashion.  Regardless, hurry in and look over our sale room.  At very least, you are bound to find a special stocking stuffer, a great white elephant gift or that little pick me up for yourself.

We are shaking, moving and pushing stuff around in preparation for a new “pretty big” shipment of really cool stuff due in sometime this month.  We’re not sure when, but we are ready!!

And finally, this year we acquired three artificial Christmas trees in our consignment line so we're busy trying to figure out how to decorate three trees using nothing but items from our 40% off room!   Wow!

Happy Friday Everyone!

P.S.   You may not have noticed, but for the past several months, our model Duncan has been out of commission.   This summer, he sat on a bee during one of his shoots, filed a big workmans’ comp claim and sat it out for a few months ... but now he’s back!  FINALLY!   Great to have you back Duncan!