Friday, February 17, 2012

Pinterest Interest!

What’s with all this interest in Pintrest??

You know, Pintrest ...  the new princess of social media.

It’s kind of like sitting with your imaginary friend, looking through magazines and saying “look,  I like this ... I like that ... let's tear out this idea and put it on our bulletin board for all our friends to see!”   Then all your friends see it and say  ... I “Like” it too, and they take it off your bulletin board and put it on theirs!

What a great concept for a idea junkie girl like me!

I first heard about it from a couple of friends and customers ... then I found out that for this exclusive club, I needed an invite.    I put on my nicest party dress,  tried to act all designer / blogger - ish when I went to the “ask to be invited” button .... and then I waited.  Okay ... I’ll admit ... while I was biding my time ... I kind of peeked at the site and even tip toed around a couple of peoples boards ... but I was very quiet and just watched nicely until I received my invitation to join .

Finally, the e-mail came through that I was accepted!  I got all signed up,  got my bulletin boards all ready... then I FROZE.   Can’t think of even one thing to pin to my bulletin boards.  I mean ... the boards are out there in full sight for everyone to see and comment and critique and share.  There sits mine ... at a loss for anything clever.   Go look .... see for yourself

Duncan thinks we should just  go back to the old fashioned way of idea hunting, where we sit on the couch, I peruse and he sleeps ... but ... progress happens!   Meanwhile ... it's Friday ... go sneak a peek at Pintrest for yourself!   It's fun ... AND  it will be just fine with your boss ...