Friday, April 26, 2013

Boxes for all occasions!

Is it just me ... or does everyone think boxes are fun?  Not just fun ... necessary.   

I mean ...  boxes, canisters, trunks ... what could be a more perfect member of the furniture family when it comes to style and functionality.  Here are five ways to put these simple pieces to work.

Use big boxes AS furniture.  Coffee tables, end tables, benches and chairs. 

In the bathroom - open top crates and tins are perfect for storing and organizing bottles.

Hang vintage glass front medicine cabinets (essentially they are boxes too) on the wall and display pretty things inside. 

One lady bought a box for a seven year old boy who was making a transition to come live with them.   He needed a special place to put his treasures.  She welcomed him with a box!

And as for me .... when my son moved into his own apartment, I carefully selected a favorite box from my shop.   I placed a little heart rock inside and  inconspicuously planted the box on a shelf in his apartment.   Now I feel like there is a little piece of me hiding in the corner watching over him, while he feels that he has a cool place to hide his, ummm ... well ... let’s just leave it at that.   We all win!

Today ... buy a box!

Happy Friday Everyone!