Friday, March 16, 2012

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!

And here we go ... rolling into another St. Patty’s Day.  A bright green spot in the otherwise zillion day, gray month of March.
My heritage is a blend of many things - not Irish.  Regardless, I will probably drink a green beer and tip a cup to Tommy the Leprechaun.  Remember him?
In the early 80’s when I was in college I had a job working the box office for summer theater in Caras Park.  Sometimes,  a guy wearing green tights, a dirty green smock, pointy shoes and a makeshift top hat would dance through our turf.  When I saw him coming, I would duck and hide.  I figured that anyone wearing that kind of getup was probably up to no good.   Besides, a smart, sporty, sophisticated college girl like me really had no business messing around with leprechauns.
Well,  as it turns out ... no good was not a part of Tommy’s agenda.  Oh what I would give to have just one more encounter with him.   It seems that Tommy the Leprechaun was the guy with all the wishes and his deal was to grant a wish and a song to anyone who might need it on any particular day.   
Today --- I ran across his Facebook page .... 
Scroll down a bit and you will find his business card.   There you go .... my gift to you this St. Pattys day .... an authentic wish from an authentic Leprechaun.  Please only take one and enjoy the magic of one of Missoula's long lost characters.  
Happy St. Patty’s weekend everyone!
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