Friday, December 23, 2011

Bird Dogs, Birds and Mom's incredible Christmas Tree!

I know ... it sounds like another scrambled Friday note - but hold on, in just a second it will all make sense.

Bird Dogs ---  Mine  --- (he is really more of a furniture dog, but his breed is a bird dog - so we’ll go with that).  He turned four on Winter Solstice!   Happy Birthday Duncan, my friend!
Birds -- My grandmother passed over in September.  One of Grandma's passions (aside from second hand stores), was birds.  It is kind of weird, but lately, birds have been appearing in my family’s life in every way shape and form.  Bird cages, a whole city worth of bird houses, and two little cut out birds recently appeared mysteriously in my shop.   Dad’s six chickens started laying beautiful green eggs (five of them so far), and Mom’s bird theme Christmas tree is more lovely than ever this year.
The tree is kind of a collaborative effort.
Dad, being an ex- Forest Ranger has the job of  securing the proper United States Forest Service permits and licenses, then journeying forth into the woods to choose the perfect tree configuration - one for real and remnants for back up.  Not too many limbs,  not too few.  Not too young, not too old, about 1.75” in circumference and roughly 5.2 feet tall.  Needles must be securely attached, a little bit soft, but held together on a strong steadfast branch.  While Mom always orders - “Just pick up a Charlie Brown tree” .. we all know better.  Tree selection is a science and lucky for Mom, she has a credentialed, permitted scientist on the job!
Once in her possession ... the magic begins.  An odd collection of ribbons, bells, lavender, wheat, grass and cat tails, puppets, bird cages, eggs, balls, lights and of course ... millions of birds ...  all sit on the floor next to the tree ready to find their place.  To the inexperienced onlooker,  it might appear that mom is preparing to build a bird refuge.  Hours ... Hours ... Hours ... of ribbon flying, lights blinking, bird, egg and grass ornaments perching here and there .... and finally ... the masterpiece is unveiled.
I am proud to present .... Mom’s magnificent “bird tree” ... inspired this year by grandma, (I think),  Merry Christmas little birdies!