Friday, January 4, 2013

Fresh New Year ... Fresh New Ideas!

Welcome to our fresh, new year!

I love this time of year .... 

Out with the old, stale, un-met goals, in with the new opportunities! 
Out with the old crispy, crunchy christmas trees and cookies, in with the hope of a new found love of vegetables!

In with new colors, inspirations and of course ... new ideas!  I’ve got a few enterprising new ideas of my own that I’m going to be experimenting with this year.  

For starters, during the month of January, I am going to abbreviate my hours.   I’ll be open the usual 10:00 - 5:00 but my days will be Thursday through Saturday.  It takes time to find interesting stuff for all my discriminating shoppers, so I am going hunting!!   Four days a week ... nothing but furniture hunting.  No good times will be had by all (or any) this is work ... I promise!

Also, I’m working on a new concept to bring into my shop which will take some good solid thinking time, so stay tuned, and when I get all the bugs worked out, be ready to be dazzled!

Until then, create a little room in your life for the hope and joy our new year promises to bring! 

By the way ... I just brought in four truck loads of lovable new - old stuff to help you ring in your 2013.  Here is a shot of my shop as all the new pieces are being welcomed and acclimated to their new environment!