Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Friday!  Wow, what a week of Christmas shopping it has been!  I’m happy to report that second hand gifts are coming of age and even seem to be quite trendy this year.
To join in the holiday shopping fun, Duncan asked if he could invite his friend Tim over to help us announce that our holiday magazine stand give away was a success.  Someone's sister is going to be very happy this year, but right now - it is a secret who?  Thank you everyone for coming in on Friday and submitting your special person for this prize! 
Funny, the announcement became kind of secondary compared to the day that Duncan and Tim had just deciding how to best make this announcement.  Here is kind of how it went.
Here’s Tim --- Arriving at the shop and admiring our nice rustic Montana rockers.
Tim liked my scarf, so he asked to wear it for the big announcement (note:  the magazine stand is behind Tim -- it really didn't get much show).

Duncan got jealous and decided that if Tim was going to wear the scarf for the announcement, he didn’t really want to be part of it.

Since it's the holidays, they compromised and Duncan got to wear the scarf which made him happy again, so he showed Tim around the store for some holiday shopping.
Duncan showed Tim how sometimes, (and only sometimes - like when he is modeling), he gets to sit on the furniture - like this new Mitchell Gold sofa.
The End!   I got tired of both of 'em - so kicked them out and told them they should do the rest of their shopping in pet stores!
If you still have some holiday shopping left in you --- stop by and see our fine selection of unique, fun and one of kind gift items.  But whatever you do --- don't ask to borrow my scarf!!