Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Open House!

Here they are ... Five good reasons to put Echo on your list of “must stops” for Black Friday.
Reason #1 - Tablescaping!  Okay ... this is where I admit that before I opened my shop, I catered for 15 years.  During those 15 years, I’ve set a lot of tables.  After being away from it for a couple of years, I have the itch to set a holiday table or two.  Therefore --- tablescaping is my holiday theme this year.  I’ve gathered up a market basket of items from my shop and created some centerpiece ideas that I hope might inspire and give you some ideasyour own decorating!
Reason #2 - Gift Give Away!  On a piece of paper ... write the name of a person who you think might enjoy a little gift and the reason why he/she might enjoy a little gift (the gift will be displayed in my shop). For doing so, you will receive 10% off any purchases made that day, and there is a chance that your person might get a fun gift complements of you!

Reason #3 - 10% off!  Everything in the shop!  One day only - complements of Echo!
Reason #4 - Free Cookies
Reason #5 - I am pleased to report that second hand shopping is becoming so trendy that I’ve decided it’s time to take it to the next level and explore second hand gifts!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Craft Time!

The craft table that inspired it all.
Halloween is behind us now and I can feel the pressure beginning to mount.  Duncan is running around with his hair on fire worried about what to put together for Christmas presents.
I think what got him started was when this fabulous craft table came into the shop.   Usually, he just goes out and chooses a rock or two to give as his gifts.  He bills them as paperweights and everybody acts like it is a new and novel idea, but this year, he is trying to come up with something different.
Duncan - thinking about gifts!
I try to re-assure him that there is plenty of time, but so typical of his breed - he likes to start early so he has plenty of time to enjoy the season.
Hey ... if any of you think this craft table might make YOUR holiday projects a bit more organized,  stop by and Duncan will show off all it’s features.  If he isn’t busy, he’ll probably  share a holiday idea or two. 
Meanwhile,  while he is busy crafting, I’m starting to plan my holiday shopping party.  Stay tuned for the details in a week or two!