Friday, March 25, 2011


It's Friday!!

As you might recall, in my last Friday Note we explored some clever, alternative cleaning options.  I promised that this week, we would recruit my overachieving cousin Megan for some tips on how she does her deep speedy spring cleaning!  I contacted her and apparently,  this is all she’s got.  Thank you Megan.  Really, not very helpful in the cleaning department - but it does give me some inspiration for my topic this week ....  Transition.

Transition, and our changing world, and globes and vintage globes and how to date old globes.
Once again, I turn to my trendy Dad for advice. Dad has always been a fan of geography, maps, globes, topography and most recently, his I pads Google Maps function.  I, on the other hand am not very good at directions so I’ve never really been interested in maps.  If I get lost, I stop and ask someone for directions, it’s that simple.   However ...  recently I’ve noticed a variety of globes showing up in decorating magazines and furniture catalogs so now, of course,  I’m interested in maps and globes and directions.
I’ve found out that some of these old globes are making their way into “collectors item” status and can or soon will sport some handsome price tags.  With that in mind, I wanted to know some simple quick tips that I could remember for on the spot old globe dating.  
Here is what Dad suggested:
If there is an East and West Germany, your globe is 1949 to 1989 
If there is only one Korea instead of a North and South Korea - your globe is pre 1953
If you look off the tip of India and there is a little country named Ceylon, your globe is pre-70’s  because in 1972 Ceylon became Sri Lanka
If you suspect a really old globe --- take a look at Iran.  If it says Persia - your globe is really old --- pre 1935 and should probably be wrapped in tissue and driven to the antique road show for appraisal. 
As far as assigning a dollar value to these little gems, I am still relying on e-bay for my information, but if anyone out there has another idea, I’m all ears.  Meanwhile,  I think I’ll just enjoy collecting a few here and there, because they are fun, they’re smart, they are interesting ... and they are featured in the designer magazines!!

Here are my two 1949ish (I'm guessing) desk globes - if you're looking for an antique GPS, drop by Echo before you get your passport!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Are you feeling a bit crusty around the edges?  You know ... the way a long winter tends to leave you feeling ... Duncan and I feel that way too.
But ... as luck would have it, into my shop walked Mr. Ray Moe, a fellow  entrepreneur from out here in the North Reserve end of town and owner of “Rods-N- Dogs" car wash. 
As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for Duncan and I to grab our bubble bath and towels, hop into our dirty bug and tear down to 4620 Expressway to check out his operation.   With a simple swipe of our credit card and the low price of $9.00, Duncan AND the bug enjoyed heated floors, a generous assortment of cleaning agents and a variety of blow dry options. 



Ray Moe demonstrates his super duper polish cleaner


Indeed ... it felt just great to scrub off all the winter scum.

We told Dad about our field trip and he decided it would be a good opportunity to get jump start on yard clean up, so he loaded his truck with lawn furniture and last years flower pots and joined us for the fun.  When we invited Mom on our excursion, her exact quote was “I don’t have a dog in this circus”, and she headed down the Bitterroot to her quilting consortium.

Everything worked great until Dad tried to use Rays super duper polish on the furniture.  But .. the good news is .. that’s now Ray Moe’s problem - not ours!  Thanks Ray for the fun day at the car / dog wash.   And thanks Dad for the great time saving spring cleaning tip.  Next week, we will explore how my overachieving cousin Megan does her deep speedy spring cleaning!

Happy Friday ..... Go wash your car!!   Visit  for valuable coupons and directions.