Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's a wrap!

I’m back!!  Did you miss me last week?

Well, as you know, I’ve been busy “representing” at this year’s Parade of Homes and I’m happy to report that gently used, functional, affordable, time-worn decorating is “IN”!!

Edgell Building and Development was honored for Affordable Family Innovative Design while Jackie Johnson, the Realtor / Designer, was given an award for Memorable Decor.  I, of course, was honored to have tons of people walk through the doors and comment on how  appropriate our "Echo-echo" furnishings looked.  Thanks to all my supporters and welcome to all of you who just discovered Missoula's fanciest funnest used furniture store - out by the big box guys.

Oh ... is there a football game tomorrow??

I hope all of your "coming home" events are memorable and comfortably appointed!

Here is a photo of my furniture homecoming on Tuesday!  A perfect "before" shot!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Big News!

Here is my big news for the month ---- and the reason why you will not be receiving a Friday Note next week.
Echo echo has joined the big boys and is lined up next to them in this year’s Parade of Homes! 
I was invited to help furnish a home in the new energy efficient community at River Place.  This home was Built by Edgell Building and Development to be lean and green and I’ve been working with Jackie Johnson, the Realtor / Designer from Windermere Real Estate to continue the sustainability theme throughout.
For me, the fun part about this project is to pioneer some new territory and show that not only is it possible, but it’s also cool being green from head to toe (or in this case - roof to sub-flooring)!
Swing by and see our finished product!  
September 16th - 19th
845 River Place - Just off River Road
You can buy tickets at the home.  Oh ... and wear your cute socks because you have to take your shoes off!

Hope to see you there!

I get to say it again ... "Green is the new Black!"  Here is a photo of a green coffee table - so you can remember!

Shabby Chic Dining!

Time for this weeks installment of budget decorating ... We’ll call this one .. The REAL Shabby Chic!
Seems like every time I turn around, there is a shabby chic this or a shabby chic that.  People buy new furniture and “shabby chic” it.  They buy old furniture, scrape it up a bit more, paint over the scrape ups and turn it into a nice clean shabby chic.  Don’t get me wrong --- I love it too.   More and more however, I find myself falling in love with the originals.
These are the guys that have years of real paint, scratched and scraped to reveal several layers, eras and stages of development.  The guys that might have one foot just a quarter of an inch shorter than the rest.  The real men of the furniture world who might have a spot of wood glue here and there to repair an old battle wound.  The fellows who lost a knob, but acquired an equally old new one.
These are the pieces I consider pioneers in the world of Shabby Chic!  One of the joys in budget decorating is being able to take these finds, put them together with other similar pieces and create a very special space.
What brought this all to mind is this little set of over-loved pieces I was able to introduce to each other in hopes they could hit it off and ride into the sunset together.