Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Gift Ideas at Ec

“Look look Duncan, ... someone’s coming!”
“Is that a Royal Coach I see, circling the North Reserve Business Center searching for Echo Home Furnishings?”  Duncan assumes his usual “someone’s coming position” ... curiously peeking out from the corner of my sales desk.
But of course,  Kate and William sent their people with their official Royal Wedding Gift Registry list.  I know, I know ... it seems odd to me too, that of all places they would choose my little shop for their Montana Wedding headquarters - but I guess that even Royalty is growing to appreciate the trendy, eclectic decorating style that second hand furniture offers. 
Here are a sampling of items they chose.
This chicken cutting board came all the way from their Dad, Prince Charles’s gift shop over in Highgrove.  I don’t know if it is for sentimental reasons or if they ran out of them in their own shop - but they want it back.

The glass cookie jar wedding cake.   Well ... I’ve offered and offered to all you brides out there, but now it’s on Kate’s wish list, need I say more? ... Except, I think our English Springer model is looking for an invite!

Every well appointed palace needs a little bit of rustic, so they chose one of our barbed wire “Heartware” hearts to place near the moat of their new digs.  

Of course I've decided to give them one of my handmade lamp shades, so the lighting department is already taken care of, but there’s still a little bit of time (April 29th is the big day) and plenty of gifts left on their list.  So, swing by and let Duncan and I give you a hand.  Also, this week only, I am offering free gift wrap and shipping (by ship) for the Royal occasion.
The only remaining question .... Who in the world plans their wedding on a Friday ???  Hummmmm.
Happy Royal Wedding Week!

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Latest New Hobby

Lamps, Lamps, Lamps!
I think I may have mentioned my weakness for lamps in past Friday notes.  I’ve never met a lamp I didn’t like, and there is not a homeless lamp in the county that isn’t welcome in my shop.
Our grey skies have made me crave a little fun, a little fancy, a lot of color, and a tad bit of whimsey, so I’ve taken my affection for lamps to a whole new level and added lamp SHADES to my repertoire!  I am learning to re-cover lamp shades and it seems that dotting a few of these little critters throughout my shop has brightened up the corners!  I have a new hobby and I love it!
All I needed was an investor in my lamp department, a hot line to a journeyman electrician, unlimited access to dads wood shop (screws, bolts, drills, etc for the finials), unlimited access to moms quilt room (for obvious reasons), a good Dr. (for when I have glue accidents) and off I went, into the world of manufacturing new lamp shades to dress up my old lamps.  
It seems to me that lamps are making great strides in the interior design industry.  In many circles they are the definition of functional art!   An uncommon lamp cheerfully announces the flavor of a room and it does so with a relatively small price tag and level of commitment.  Unlike the stars in the furniture world, a lamp can be changed in and out to match the times, the season and your decor.  
When I have an old (yet stylish) base, a tired shade and bunches of fresh colorful fabric, I can’t help but want to measure, cut, glue, trim, and finally, pull together an eye catching conversation piece.  In my own little way, I feel like I’m a contributer in the world of home decorating.  My lamps are vintage, they are green and most of all, they’re unique and interesting!
If you want to join this fashionable journey into the twinkling world of refurbished lamps, well, you know where to find me!

Pieces and parts - waiting to become something special!
Pieces and parts that became something special!