Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ma'am Caves!!

When Duncan and I are in a pickle and all booked up with “other” obligations, we sometimes call in the third string and Dad takes a shift or two at the shop.  His brand of customer service is to report the news, the facts, to know basic information and most importantly, to know who to call for what.   With decisions regarding design, decorating, color, texture and “Does this go with that?” ... he is mostly non- committal and you’re pretty much on your own.
That’s why I was fairly non-plussed when he decided to get in on the action and be the first to announce the new thing in decorating.   He had just reviewed the 2012 Old Farmers Almanac and learned that “women caves” are trending! 
While I gave Dad a dose of his own medicine and acted non-committal and uninterested .... I quickly ran to my trusty Mac to check out the facts.   Indeed, we have a “Ma’am Cave Revolution” on our hands!
The idea (while still in it’s infancy)  seems to be ... Take a room, any room ... make it bold, make it beautiful, make it fun, make it fancy and make it yours.  Your special place where you are in charge ... where you don’t ask permission, you don’t seek advise or approval, and you don’t have to share or compromise on anything!  Decorate it however you want ... as long as you follow your heart!   Here is a fun site to check out and get a feel for how these woman cave deals work ...
Here is my contribution to this fun new trend ..... a 10% discount off of this leopard skin occasional desk (which clearly belongs in a ma’am cave) to the first woman who plunks down the money and says that she read it here first!   
Also --- my contribution to the trend ... If you come into my shop and say “I have to ask my husband” .... you WILL be DINGED!  
Oh and one more thing  --- if you need a fun lamp - they are still 10% off!   Every last one of them.  
Happy “Cave Fever” ladies!!