Thursday, May 26, 2011


For those of you who have recently buzzed through my shop ... you may have noticed the messy “workshop” I’ve carved out for myself.  Right now, it kind of resembles  cluttered and congested bric-a-brac gone wild.  But, in my mind, this space is a new division of Echo called The Paint and Lamp Making Center.
That’s right!  When Spring finally made it’s way to our corner of the planet, it worked like a decongestant in my brain and out rushed a plethora of new ideas.   This time ... my creative juices told me to paint ... so paint it is!  Some items that come through the “back door” may be subject to a little sanding, a little more scrutiny regarding their color and perhaps, a fresh coat of paint and/or a new lampshade.  (Let this be a warning -- wear good colors and a nice lampshade when you visit Echo!)
Don’t worry --- I still specialize in selling fine quality second hand home embellishments as I always have.  It’s just that now, some pieces may be morphed into an even brighter version of their former selves!  So ... swing by Echo, and if you should happen to find a little something that could use a custom paint job, my custom paint and lamp shade division is ready, willing, able, up and running and at your service!