Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hey ... Whose got a passion ?

 After a LLllOooOnnNnGGgggggg, CCCOOOOLLLLDDDD winter ....  

VerY LoNg and VeRy ColD MonTanA WinTer .. Known as the winter of 2017 ... I find myself a bit short  ... no VerRY short .... on creativity, inspiration and energy.  Essentially, I’m pretty happy just sitting here in the recliner watching hour after hour of Netflix and using my computer for an occasional game of solitaire.  

Now we’ve got Spring of 2017.   Also quite LOnG and CoLd and equally uninspiring. 

Enter Facebook and an oddball post about finding your passion.  It kind of caught my attention because actually, I don’t have a passion.   But what the heck ... I could give it a shot.

The article reports that a big percentage of us actually don’t have passion, but this can be overcome by experimenting on things.   The idea is, make a list of things that you are curious about, start playing with them, and maybe something will stick.  Then you will have a passion.

Simple enough ... Game on ....  

Here is my list:

Get back to writing my blog ~ Thank you Hank, for the encouragement!
Painting on fabric with Chalkpaint - Check .... note,  my flower tablecloth.



Make necklaces out of rocks and ribbons with the grandkids.
Lavender.  I’m going to plant a few bundles on the lot and just see what happens.
Oh, and here’s one that actually is my passion ... It’s Echo and it’s time to get my Spring on at Echo!

Stop by and lets see if we help each other gather some enthusiasm for a creative and inspired Spring.