Friday, July 29, 2011


Happy Friday!

I’m still here!  ... But like everyone else, I’ve been busy running around just trying to keep up with summer.   One of my super summer fun things to do is garage sale-ing, and while I was out I had an idea for another super summer fun thing I love to do ... contest participation!
I’m going to combine my two fun summer things and starting on Tuesday  August 2nd,  I'm running a first annual “GARAGE SALE FIND OF THE YEAR” contest.
So how do you enter and join in all this fun?  ... It's easy.  Just follow these four steps!
 1.  E-mail me a photo of your BEST garage sale find from THIS year.
2.  “Like” me on my Facebook page -
3.  Every day next week (Tuesday through Saturday) - or  whenever the photo’s start rolling in ... I will post your photos on Facebook and it is up to the fans to like or comment on the posted entry. 
4.  On Tuesday, August 9th we'll tally all the likes and announce the winner.
The winner will receive a FABULOUS prize.  We haven’t really decided what that prize will be yet but Duncan is coming up with really good ideas every day.
Here it is in all it's glory -- a sneak peek at my entry for the "GARAGE SALE FIND OF THE YEAR"  contest.   And before anyone asks ... no ... this is not the fabulous prize.  My mom already took it!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mid Centure Birthday

This week it happens ... like it or not, here it comes ... can’t stop it now, it’s here, it’s a done deal and it’s coming at me like a run-away train.
What?  What?  What?
Well ... I’ll tell you once and then we’ll let it go.
This week --- I turn “Mid-Century” ...  like a lot of my furniture.
There.  Confession made.  Nothing more needs to be said.
Except ... just one thing. 
To help me swallow my mid century pill, I found a new friend.  This Heywood - Wakefield Mid- Century Modern Rotating Coffee Table jumped in my car while I was in Helena so I took her home.   At first glance she appears a little rough around the edges.  Scratches here and there resulting from a party or two, a crayon mark on her bottom from when she babysat some naughty kids, her rotator has been over-worked and is a bit slow and her finish is dull.
She reminds me of someone ...  
For a split second, I considered giving her a facelift and selling her in my shop, but once I got her home, I decided that I liked her just the way she is.  Her classic lines are still beautiful and somehow, at this age her flaws suggest character rather than something that needs to be hidden and fixed. 
So .. lets tip a glass to mid-century and scratches and flaws and less than perfect hips and me and my new coffee table .... just the way we are!
Journey forward Jennifer Pinto and Heywood Wakefield Mid-Century Modern Rotating Coffee Table.  The next 50 years awaits you!