Friday, June 21, 2013

Oh Fork!

Oh Fork ! 

Oops ... excuse me.  I’m just obsessing over my new obsession ... vintage silverware.  It started with a complete set in a fetching box that jumped into my cart when I was shopping in Helena.  Thus began the hunt!  

My thinking is to start collecting single pieces of different patterns, then mix and match them up to the point where they can all co-exist on a table.  Easier said than done.   It appears there IS a science to creating multi-pattern sets that complement each other.  I am narrowing the field to florals and needlepoints to see if they can mind their table manners, then I will add new patterns one by one.  

Anyway ... if you have any strays that sprouted in your silverware drawer ... consider adding to my cause!

Lets hope for a warm and natural Summer Solstice - and a delicious Strawberry Moon.

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